Ettitude - Lead UX/UI Designer
Dec 2020 - Current

Joined the team late december 2020. Together we shipped many great  features and page optimizations. I was in charge of all web design for their e-commerce site. Everything from concept, project management, final designs, QA-ing, and launching. My first year we worked together on a lot of projects and towards the end of my time there I had lead a core page redesign that ended up having a 160% boost in conversion.

Eliqs - Webflow Developer
April  2020 - Sep 2020

- Worked with the dev team to create a personalization tool, providing page builds, components, and code-assistance as well as direction for the front-end.
- Worked with the entire team to build out a more consumer-friendly browse experience. Integrated F'in sweet javascript library to create browse functionality on the main eliqs site enabling users to filter through products.
- Managed & updated the entire consumer-facing e-commerce website. Responsibilities include Product management, Page builds, component builds, responsive functionality, optimizing UX, addressing bugs, shipping new features or designs, and integrating third party software.
- Worked with the Web team to Build and launch partnership pages & initiatives with other brands.
- Worked with marketing to create pixel events & to send CMS data to Facebook Ad catalogs
- Set up Agile workflows to manage incoming projects and tasks via sprint planning.
- Integrated a third party checkout service called Foxycart to expand our checkout to New York. Worked with the foxy cart team & our team to create shipping conditions that allowed users to receive different shipping rates via their location.

Theragun - UI/UX
Feb  2019 - March 2020

I was hired on as a full-time contractor to assist the e-commerce team to finish out their Kiosk app in time for their new device launch. After launching the app, I joined other initiatives like Web, IOS, Physical Product Design, Design System, E-mail design, and iconography.

Learna - Product Designer
Feb  2019 - March 2019

Joined the Learna team to help with their MVP launch. Worked along side Learna’s designer to complete the entire UX/UI for their looming deadline.

I worked with established design language and branding and built out the Courses, Course Editor, Quiz page, Quiz builder, User & Teacher Profile , and Forum post UI for Web, Tablet, and mobile.

During these two months I also committed to the design language, icons, and tp the style guide of the product.

Newbook - Product Designer
Oct  2017 - Aug 2018

When I joined the team, the goal was to build the entire web product from the ground up, alongside iOS. Both initiatives were lead by an individual designer, the web, focused on the client side of the booking process and the other (iOS) focused on the talent side of the booking process.

We needed to create interface that followed similar design patterns and clearly outlined the users goals for completing a job on web and receiving a job on iOS.

Using key insights from last years market research and former product ‘Myriad’ we hit the ground running with initial wireframes and UX insights. We tested our assumptions quickly, iterated with loyal myriad users, and refined our interface in real-time. We also took cues from popular search-based products like Airbnb and Pintrest and refined our browse process to include additional filters and tags

We shipped our MVP in just under 4 months, due to investor deadlines, and  built upon to product for another 6 months. Once the majority of the interface was built out, Newbook redirected its efforts towards client acquisition and building the sales team. I left the Team at this time.

Dfuture - Designer
May 2017 - July 2017

The Dfuture team approached me in its infancy as a start up. The goal was to build a deck to initiate first rounds of funding,  eventually this partnership lead to a full blown branding effort, web design & development (on webflow), Stationary, and marketing items. 

Along with design work I helped shape core values, business goals and remain a permanent member of the team.

Dymanc - In-house Designer
Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

Dynamc  is a engineering consultancy that, along with client work, functioned as a incubator for individuals, companies, and ideas. I identified strongly with CEO of this company and worked in-house, alongside mechanical engineers for 3 months.
Together we designed their branding, website, business cards, marketing items,  and stationary as well as CMS functionality for internal use.

Freelance - Digital Designer
Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

Freelance work spanned the entire gamut, but while freelancing I was in charge of running my own business, growing through rapport & referrals, web development, design, brand direction, stationary, marketing, and education. 

Crystal Clear Pools - Service Technician
Jan 2010 - Feb 2016

This was my first business, I started when I was 19 and mostly modeled after my brothers company. Here I learned the value of growing clients through trust and referrals and had my first wack at wearing multiple hats. 

English Lit - Mt. San Antonio 
Sep 2010 - Aug 2012
English Lit - Birbeck, London
Sep  2012- Jan 2013
Journalism - Mt. San Antonio 
Jan  2013- June 2015
About Me

Quick intro to me,  My name is Jordan Puga. I’m a UI Designer based in LA. My bread & butter is UI design for Web and iOS apps, but my skills span the entire gamut; things like digital design, UX research, prototyping, branding, marketing, web development and business strategy.

I'm looking for a company that's rich in collaboration, solving meaningful problems, and shipping great digital products

Things I Do Well

· Digital Product Design
· Interactions/Animations
· UX Design
· Interactive Prototyping 
· Web Design
· Web Development

Tools I use Well

· Adobe Suite 
· Sketch/Figma
· Webflow
· Abstract
· Principle
· Zeplin
· Invison Craft
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