Newbook is focused on positioning themselves as the Industries one-stop-shop for booking talent. With simple one-to-one features, this powerful new tool allows clients to quickly filter and book high-quality talent.

When I joined the team, the goal was to build the entire web product from the ground up, alongside iOS. Both initiatives were lead by an individual designer, the web, focused on the client side of the booking process and the other (iOS) focused on the talent side of the booking process.
Think Airbnb for models
Newbook seamlessly facilitates the entire booking experience from search, to payment, & feedback. 
The model booking market is over saturated with booking services and agencies that lacked a simple 1-to-1 interface, allowing clients to contact High Quality talent instantly. Think Airbnb for Models
My role
Product Designer
Product Design, UI/UX, Marketing, UI Animations, Design System, Graphic Design.
A problem worth solving
The model booking market is over saturated with booking services and agencies that lacked a simple 1-to-1 interface, allowing clients to contact high quality talent instantly. As we started to build towards our north star, we encounted a few challenges along the way.
Many quick pivots
The browse page is the core feature that ties the product together, it evolved quickly throughout a 10 month period, adding filters that bundled talent, rating systems, and a larger spread of photos were some of the early changes we made based on Newbooks early adopters.
Newbook_Search Models V2
Newbook_Search Models V2_Expanded Filter
Newbook_Search Models
Myriad_Search Models
Using existing Insights and designs
Using data from last years market research and former product Myriad we hit the ground running with initial wireframes and UX insights. Building out core features and adding new flows to the process. We tested our assumptions quickly, working with a small pool of loyal customers who migrated to newbook from myriad, and refined our interface in real-time.

These customer provided a lot of the early insights into the entire booking process. We explored how we could fulfill their needs more effectively kept an open line of communication throughout the building process.
Mobile inspired patterns
Many decisions were based on mobile usage patterns, including Grid-style profiles that take cues from social media and category buttons that mirror pintrest and airbnb
A reusable system
Together with the development team we worked on cleaning up spacing, typography, and colors. Working with bootstrap’s framework, we created easy to follow guides for adjusting type relying on  .5REM and  .25REM adjustments to keep the math simple. As well as adopting a soft-grid approach of the 8-pt system, developed by google.
The industry took notice
Some of the more notable brands that signed up for  newbook during my time there were Gucci, Disney, Obey, Colorpop, Nordstrom, lululemon, Helly hansen, Guthy Renket, and Vanity Planet.
Let's build an amazing product together