A new learning resource for  Airtable users

Case study & process overview

The Problem
Users had to scrub  articles or Youtube for our video content
This created a fragmented experience resulting in users missing out on high-quality airtable content

Our solution? Create a new learning resource for our visitors that consolidated all our video content & created learning paths for our users
The Process
My step-by-step for creating this net-new experience
All projects generally follow this same structure which i’ll expand on below:
Research & Project planning, User Journeys & Information Architecture, Wireframes & Sketching, Review cycles & Ideation, High-fidelity Design hand-off for Developers, and QA & launch
Research & Project Planning
During this phase we define the project’s goals, audience, and scope. Some deliverables for this phase include competitive research, project briefs, workshops, and timelines.
User Journeys & Information Architecture
Here we map out the target audience, understand their entry points and create ideal funnels & flows within the experience.
Review cycles & refinements
Reviews focus on presenting the designs and letting the team use and interact with prototypes.

This often leads to more discussion & some refinements on the design.
Design hand-off for Developers
Hand-off is very important to me, having built websites since 2016, I love to make sure my components are responsive, my redlines are clear, and all my instances are accounted for.

On top of that, all designs are merged into the design system both in Figma & the code.
QA & launch
Quality Assurance consist of reviewing the live designs in multiple browsers & devices, Reviewing design details & animations, and getting everything ready for launch day.
The results?
See for yourself

My Role

As  Senior Web Designer

I Lead Design on this project, I was tasked with the entire end-to-end process & collaborating with multiple teams like Brand, Web, Education, Company heads, and Developers to launch this new web experience.
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My team

Ari Zargaran - Web Developer
William Anderson - Web Developer
Eric Lipsky - Head of Web Strategy
Jose Perez-Perez - SEO Manager
Dustin Smith - Principal Product Marketing Manager
Mikayla LaRosa - Content Strategist
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